Sunday Bible Study For Adults

Each class meets weekly on Sunday morning from 9:00am to 10:00am. We have a good variety of classes for men, women, or blended groups. The two primary Bible study lessons in use are the “Family Bible Series” and the “Explore the Bible Series.” Should you have any questions, ask me, and I’ll be happy to help you find a class to meet your needs.

-Stuart Austin, Sunday School Director

Joy Ladies’ Class
Gwen Austin leads the “Family Bible Series” in a mostly discussion and question/answer format. The class is mostly comprised of older ladies, but all women are welcome. They meet in the northeast corner of the main building.


Coed Bible Study

Ambassadors Class

Burt Tingle leads this class in a mostly lecture format with minimal discussion, using the “Explore the Bible Series.” Men and women of all ages are encouraged to attend. They meet in Fellowship Hall next to the kitchen.


Messengers Class

 Class format that is mostly discussion with in-depth Bible study using “Explore the Bible Series”. All are welcome who desire this approach. They meet in the west end of Fellowship Hall (enter from outside).

Journey Class

Charles Logan teaches this mixed adult class in a lecture format. Studies focus on the timeless truths of the Bible with added elements of history and archaeology. The setting is informal and contemporary. Discussion is lively and encouraged. (Meet in church office).


Children’s Classes

Grades 1 – 3 and 4 – 6

Meet in the church office building on the north side of the parking lot.


Weekday Bible Studies

Ladies’ Bible Study

Meets Mondays at 9:30AM in the Fellowship Hall.

Studying the Holy Spirit.

Men’s Bible Study

Meets Thursday morning at 8:00AM in the Fellowship Hall. Beginning with breakfast, followed by a DVD Bible study series.

Current series “Slaying the Giants in Your Life” by Dr. Jacob Jeremiah.